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+586 partner companies, 3285 job offers published in 2021, 97% placement rate and 34% average salary increase after completing the masters

Learn more about how Rome Business School impacts the professional development of our former students


Each year Rome Business School presents the Employment Report, a valuable document that summarizes the impact of our institution on students’ professional development and which, more broadly, provides an overview of our career support activities. The Employment Report shows the accomplishment of our students and the impact Rome Business School has made on them by giving a detailed snapshot of the School and the professional projection of our students.

In this regard, enhancing students’ employability is the primary objective of Rome Business School Career Services Department and this study reflects our accomplishments. Students are given guidance on defining their own strategies and objectives aligned to their interests and expectations with respect to the employment market, thereby increasing the likelihood of effective positioning g and success. The service offered to students is personalized according to their profiles and to the formula they are enrolled it, and all the guidelines given to them are preceded by an individual study of each student’s professional profile.

Do you want to know in-depth the professional career of our students after passing through RBS?

Let’s analyze what the employment report 2021 results show!

Rome Business School is pleased to present the 2022 Employment Report, an analysis of the professional career of the students after having completed their journey at RBS. We accompany our students during their development and we help them promoting their professional challenges, together with our pool of collaborating companies, HR professionals and headhunter.

At Rome Business School we understand that the path to success is not short, nor is it easy. For this reason, our commitment goes beyond the classroom and strive to equip students with the best professional tools: we take care of guiding and accompanying them in their working life.

What results has the Employment Report 2022 revealed? To know them, we will take a look through the main chapters. Let’s get started!

Snapshot on Employability

“Adaptability, the ability to work in uncertain contexts, empathy, the ability to organise work, a predisposition for growth and ambition, understood as the will to make a positive impact on the group, are necessary qualities today”. 

Emiliano Cappuccitti
Human Resources Director of Coca-Cola HBC and Program Director of the Executive Master in Human Resources Management of RBS

The Employment Report 2022 begins by presenting an exhaustive overview of the trends that are guiding employability in the latest years, as well as the growing importance of the relationship between education and employability that has always been intertwined with any Country’s social structure but it becomes even more significant in periods of crisis, like the one we are living today.

  • Post-graduate education accelerates career advancement especially for younger profiles: the RBS Employment Report highlights that students have obtained a salary increase of + 76% 1 year after completing the Master;
  • The average salary in Italy of RBS students remains below the European one, but completing a Master at RBS allows you to progress faster in Italy than in the rest of Europe: the average salary 1 year after the Master grows by 40% in Italy, against + 33% of the European average;
  • Data Science is one of the most profitable areas in which to study (+ 44% salary increase 1 year after the Master), together with Finance, and especially the insurance-banking sector;
  • The job market is increasingly international: 74% of the companies where RBS students work are international and 43% of the students work in multinational companies;
  • The number of students who choose to become an entrepreneur is growing year by year (+ 5% compared to 2021), and is now the choice of an increasing number of Italians.

Rome Business School Impact and Career growth

The report focuses on all the employability data obtained from Rome Business School students during 2021. This section shows the profile of our students, the success that the majority have achieved in relation to labor insertion and remuneration of educational investment.


Internationality is one of the characterizing elements of RBS, which is confirmed as the most international Business School in Italy with 60% of foreign students, in contrast to the national average of 35%. This is also reflected in the companies that have hired them: 74% of the companies where RBS students work are international and 43% work in multinationals.

As for the junior profiles, according to the Report, the high training provided corresponds to high levels of employability: the monitoring of the professional outcome of the courses carried out showed an employment rate of 97%. More in detail:

  • 72% found a job within the first 6 months;
  • of these, 50% received a job offer before completing the Master;
  • 71% took advantage of the network of contacts offered by RBS with its over 300 business partners, including Armani, TIM, Enel, KPMG, Oracle, Vodafone, IBM, PWC, Warner Media (+ 6% vs 2020).

Again with respect to the employability of students, the Report emphasizes the added value of interdisciplinary and practice-oriented training, capable of bridging the gap between the academic world and the labor market; at the end of the studies:

  • over 79% plays a role strictly linked to the studies undertaken (+ 9% vs 2020);
  • 81% improved their ability to identify new job opportunities, thanks to the wide range of services and tools dedicated to acquiring skills and competences.


The Employment Report shows that in 2021 Rome Business School welcomed over 1100 students, of which 56% women, from 131 countries, 52% of whom with over 5 years of professional experience. Thanks to a series of personalized learning paths for each student, more than 3,285 targeted job offers were published, and thanks to the many opportunities offered, 50% of students had already found a job before earning the Master. 70% of those who were already working saw their salaries increase by more than 20% (+ 3% in 2021 compared to 2020), and 85% have more responsibilities at work (+ 1% compared to 2020). Even if the average salary in Italy today is still below the European average, the report shows that completing a Master allows you to progress faster in Italy than in the rest of Europe: the average salary 1 year after the Master grows by 40% in Italy, against + 33% of the European average.

The Report shows that Data Science is one of the most profitable areas in which to study (+ 44% salary increase 1 year after the Master), together with Finance, and especially the insurance-banking sector. In 2021, 13.6% of RBS students were employed in the General Management area, 10.5% in Consulting, and 8% in HR and Design / Cultural Activities.


The number of RBS students who choose to become an entrepreneur grows from year to year (+ 5% vs 2021), and is the choice of an increasing number of Italians. Rome Business School promotes entrepreneurship thanks to the innovative business incubator program “RBS4Entrepreneurship”, which supports and assists students in developing their business ideas, allowing them to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, find investors, know and develop entrepreneurial skills through workshops and meetings with top managers and successful startuppers.

Thanks to this program, today 20% of RBS graduates are entrepreneurs, 20% of their companies have between 11 and 50 employees, and 74% of these operate internationally. They work mainly in the fields of marketing and communication (18%), ITC, health and finance. Over 30% of these startups were launched between 2020 and 2022, demonstrating the effort of RBS alumni in supporting the country’s economic growth to cope with the economic consequences of the pandemic.


Don’t put your personal development on hold

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Download the Employment Report 2022!

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