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*All events take place at Premium Venues offering the best experience for participants

Executive MBA November 2021 intake
Activity Date Place* RBS Professors
Welcome Day 4 Nov 21 Belgrade
Business and Global Economy 5-7 Nov 21 Belgrade Antonio Scialletti
Strategic Management 10-12 Dec 21 Kopaonik Domen Zadravec
Marketing Management 4-6 Feb 22 Belgrade John Fahy
Project Management 11-13 Mar 22 Belgrade Vinette Mcnamara
Digital Marketing and Metrics 8-10 Apr 22 Belgrade Sara Caprasecca
Accounting and Budgeting 13-15 May 22 Belgrade Josephine Luzon
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 10-12 Jun 22 Kopoanik Francesco Landolfi
People and Talent Management 8-10 July 22 Belgrade Luca Dondi
Sales Management 2-4 Sept 22 Belgrade Steffen Baermann
Operations and Performance Management 7-9 Oct 22 Kopaonik Marko Markovic
Finance for Decision making 4-6 Nov 22 Belgrade Marshall Langer
Managerial Data Science & Business Analytics 9-11 Dec 22 Belgrade Mohammad Qamar
Technology and Supply Chain Management 3-5 Feb 23 Belgrade Simona Sauto
Personal Development 10-12 Mar 23 Belgrade Dr. Jeannette Hemmecke
Leadership 14-16 Apr 23 Belgrade Veronica Schimd
The Future of Business and Distruptive Innovation 25-28 May 23 ROME Andrea Geremicca
Graduation ceremony May 23 ROME
Final Project Presentations May 23 Belgrade
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