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The admission process is designed to identify high quality candidates by highlighting their academic, professional and personal experiences. Applications are not only evaluated based upon achievement but also upon motivation and goal orientation. Motivation Letters are the candidates’ opportunity to clearly demonstrate their goals, aspirations and/or ambitions to the pre-admissions selection committee.

Admission Process

1 – Online Application

Complete the online application form, and submit your CV or resume in English. Your credentials will be reviewed by the Pre-Admissions Committee within 3 working days.

2 – Application Outcome

If your application has passed the initial screening, you will receive a phone call invitation to schedule your selection interview.

3 – Selection Interview

Program Coordinators will conduct a 30-45 minute interview of candidates who have successfully completed the CV evaluation process. Selection interviews are held via telephone/Zoom or in-person. All candidates are required to use a headset and microphone in order to ensure optimal audio communication. For a successful interview, candidates should expect to discuss their future goals.

4 – Admissions Committee

Once you have successfully completed the interview, you have the option to advance to the final decision, made by the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee evaluates all screened applications, selects candidates who will be offered a place and award partial scholarships to the most outstanding candidates.

If the candidate has been accepted to Rome Business School, a final outcome notification will be sent containing the an acceptance letter and offer of place at Rome Business School for that coming intake period. This notification will be sent depending on the volume of applications received for that period. Normally, an accepted applicant can expect their final outcome notification within 2 to 5 working days.

5 – Enrollment

Accepted candidates to Rome Business School will be issued instructions on enrolment procedures. To enrol, accepted candidates have two options to fulfill their tuition installment:


  • Full tuition payment, affording the candidate a tuition discount.


  • Minimum first installment, followed by monthly installments determined by the program and formula of study.
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