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Win a Scholarship

How to apply for the scholarship competition?

To submit your application, complete the form below. Rome Business School’s pre-admissions department will evaluate your credentials and send the application evaluation outcome to your email.

Please submit your Application no later than Tuesday, April 5, 2022 until 11:59 PM.


Incomplete applications, or applications received after the published deadline will not be considered.

When & Where?

The date of the competition: Saturday, April 9, 2022

Location: Hotel Crown Plaza, Belgrade, Serbia

What to expect at a scholarship competition?

Students participating in the Scholarship Competition will have to demonstrate intellectual ability, management and leadership skills, academic credentials, and personal qualities, all together indicating that winners of the Scholarship Competition will benefit from and contribute to our learning environment. The winners are regional leaders who will drive the change through innovation and transform their organisations to a level of excellence.


Outstanding individuals who apply for RBS Executive MBA program and case competition will be invited for a 4 hour long competition.


There will be a group case assignment in a written form followed by a 10-15 minute presentation in front of all participants including the academic committee.


One candidate who shows an exceptional academic, professional and leadership potential will be awarded a full scholarship. In addition to that, at least two more candidates will have a chance to win a partial scholarship based on their displayed competencies.


Apply and win your chance for a partial or full scholarship!

*Note: if you have already applied via LinkedIn, disregard this application

    Apply now for Scholarship Competition

    Please fill the form and win your chance for a partial or full scholarship.

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