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Scholarship Competition

April 9th, 2022, Belgrade

Rome Business School Belgrade has started enrollment of the second generation of the Executive MBA program, scheduled for October 2022. As an institution with a strong corporate social responsibility orientation, RBS organized a scholarship competition in addition to giving all potential candidates a chance to improve their knowledge and develop new managerial skills.
The meet-up took place at the hotel Crowne Plaza in Belgrade on Saturday, 9th April, and has gathered professionals from the region in the same place, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, etc. Since this event is considered a big and serious competition, we have organized a competent jury consisting of Goran Vasić, RBS Advisory Board member and CEO of corporate affairs at Yettel Serbia, Ivana Višnjić, RBS Advisory Board member and junior partner in Egzakta Advisory, as well as Jovana Dadić Babović, director of Payment Solutions at Banca Intesa.
After a warm welcome, the contestants were first presented with the case study, and given some guidelines for solving the tasks, after which the competition could officially begin. Soon it was time for the presentation of the solutions. Each team and each individual had their time to present, as well as to answer the questions asked by the jury members. At the very end, it was the jury’s turn to summarize their impressions and decide the winner. Although it seems like an easy thing to do, our jury decided for a long time considering the seriousness of the competition and the level of knowledge shown by each candidate. It is also important to mention that we are very proud of the enthusiasm and ideas, as well as of the good atmosphere that was constantly present throughout the event.
Although the competition was great and strong, after a detailed analysis of all three members of the jury, a decision was made. Ivana Jovanović (Delta Real Estate) got the 100% off award, and Bojana Milutinović, (Elixir Group), Marko Ignjatović, (Phoenix), Tijana Draganović, (IKOR d.o.o.), and Elma Velić (Deutsche Welle), got 50% off scholarship. We would like to take this opportunity to thank these outstanding competitors and also to thank everyone for their participation.
We are looking forward to the next competition! Till next time, you can see how it looked this year.

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